The Aircraft Builders Council Aircraft Products Insurance Program provides:

  • Capacity of up to USD 1.5 billion
  • For the smaller size manufacturers, a products insurance facility for capacity up to USD 50 million
  • Product Recall
  • Broad aviation products and related risks coverage
  • Introductory discount of 5%
  • Non Aggregated Products Liability up to USD 100 million
  • Non occurrence grounding USD 100 million
  • Av52 cover up to USD 500 million
  • Increased premium discounts in recognition of insureds' continued participation in the program
  • Centralized claims management and defense by experienced aviation counsel
  • No cross claims among insureds, which reduces defense costs
  • Product integrity programs and seminars at insureds' facilities at no additional cost
  • A Board of Trustees who, with American and London brokers, continuously review and monitor the effectiveness of the program
  • An annual conference which is an informational forum on recent developments in aviation, insurance and products liability

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