2018 Fall Conference Presentations

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Speaker Bios

Aretai Risk Management Consulting Limited
Risk Management - 'who owns the problem challenge'?
Grant Organ, Director
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
Expert Decision-Making: How our Decisions are Manipulated and Biased
Scott A. Shappell, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Dept. of Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology
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Thales Avionics, Inc.
Optimizing Experiences through Connected IFE & Digital Services
Richard Perrot, Vice President Marketing & Product Policy
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Flightpath Economics, LLC 
The Pilot Shortage – Risks and Consequences
Matt Barton, Partner
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CAE Inc.
Overview of the Global Implementation of Stall & Upset Prevention Training
Itash Samani, B.Tech (Hons) C.Eng FRAeS, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs – FSTD
Lou Németh, FRAeS, MSNDR, ATP, Chief Civil Aviation Safety Officer
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Pravco LLC / SUNY Empire State College
Aerospace 4.0: Implications to the New Manufacturing Ecosystem 
Dr. David Pritchard, President at Pravco LLC; Associate Professor/Aviation Researcher, SUNY Empire State College
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JetBlue Airways
Risk Management – A Challenge for Mankind & Why we are Getting it Wrong
Christian Popp, Ph.D., Manager Flight Safety Systems
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Fitzpatrick & Hunt, Pagano, Aubert, LLP
Aviation Legal Update
Christopher S. Hickey, Partner
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